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Genevieve can decorate hotels, restaurants, homes , offices, events stages and spaces with her paintings, prints and bespoke Joie De Vivre fabrics.
She can also do signage work, wall hangings, banners and murals.
Genevieve is able to work with clients to create new modern works of art referencing the theme[s] of their choice.

If you are interested, you can telephone or email Genevieve to discuss your project with her.
You can also arrange for a consultation to discuss the Interior design look you wish to create.
As well as works of art and bespoke fabrics you may like to seek advice on wall surface colour schemes.

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Commissions for Murals, Portraiture and Landscape can be undertaken by the artist, independently of the Interior Design service.

Llys Myddig Hotel, Newport, Wales.

I was commissioned in 2015 by the Llys Myddig hotel manager to decorate a yurt and the surrounding screen that would be for a wedding 'glamping' space.

The screens that were built around the yurt act as a wind breaker as well as creating a sense of privacy for the couple. I decided to paint cherry blossom image as this is both romantic and pleasing with the hotel garden and its own lovely flowers and trees.

Photos are of the screen surrounding the yurt.
The decoration for inside the yurt is still underway.

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American Indian style Circular Shield Paintings commission for the Tipi Field at the Glastonbury Festival.

I was commissioned to create something interesting, celebrational and lovely for the Tipi Field at the Glastonbury Festival 2017.

I was inspired by American Indian Shield Paintings and decided to work on the Four Directions Theme sometimes depicted by four Animals each symbolising one of the four directions.

There is a different painting on both sides of the shield.Each shield is approximately a metre and a quarter wide.

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Solo Exhibition at the Square Club, Clifton, Bristol

[From January 27th until 10th April2016].

This exhibition decorates a large number of rooms,at the Square Club in Clifton, Bristol. It is a members Club so a very exclusive place.
I have decorated the reception space, the sitting room, the restaurant and the bar.
As well as being an exhibition, this is a great opportunity for me to see how my paintings, especially this selection, on the Abstract Geometric theme, work in a traditional style setting.
The overall look works very well and is termed in Interior Design language as an Eclectic style.
The colourful and atmospheric paintings suit very much this elegant setting.

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Exhibition at the Botanical Garden Of Wales, April2019

'Joie De Vivre' Flower inspired Fabrics, Wallpaper and Paintings.
A solo exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Wales in April 2019.
This exhibition represents the more floral inspires aspects of her work especially petal colour and the twists and turns of leaves and stems. Genevieve works on a variety of themes from Abstract Geometric art to Landscape and portraiture. She is interested in the interdisciplinary flow between Fine art [paintings] and craft [textiles].

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Mural Project at the Llandeilo Primary school

The Mural Project with the schoolchildren of The Llandeilo Primary school Outdoor wall of their Canteen.
In 2011 I was invited to facilitate a Mural Project with the children of the Llandeilo Primary School. I created a methodology which went though the different stages of creating a Mural from the research work followed by the preparing of a maquette to then bringing all the maquettes together and working out the composition and finally painting this maquette on the prepped wall. The wall measured approximately 25ft high x 35ft long.

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I feel strongly that the visual arts can do a lot to enhance our wellbeing in all sorts of spaces, whether they be public spaces or our home space. There is a tremendous lack of colour and visual beauty in our environment and we must, if we are to remain positive and ‘sane’ in our working environment, begin to bring more beauty and a touch of the ‘humane’ into an increasingly alienating world.
Genevieve Caminade

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